February 19 - Riet's Daisy Picot Hearts Bookmark

Copyright 2007 Riet Surtel-Smeulders

Is all the same as the pattern posted yesterday, except this; In the first part you tat after the last ring a chain 5 – 5 to go to the point of the heart. Cut the threads , but take care that you leave ends long enough for the tail.

The second part ends after the last big ring.

Then you start the tail
The ends of the first part go on your left hand as a chain thread
Sh1 makes 1 dds Sh 2 makes 1 ds as in the second part of a split ring.

After this 2 ds you make: Sh1 2 dds and Sh2 2ds

Repeat this till you have the length you need make a overhand knot in the 4 ends and cut.

The daisy picot technique goes like this:

Take 2 shuttles with different colors make an overhand knot in the ends. Take the knot in the pinch, Start ring with Shuttle 1 and shuttle 2 is laying over your left hand

After 1 ds. You start making the daisy picot like this

Let Sh 1 hanging down, take Sh 2 and make a ds on the ring thread, but don’t do the flip, so don’t take off the tension. We call this stitch a daisy ds or short a dds.