I just got home from ZigZag Corner in Indiana. Oh my, you should see what Kaye Judt is doing now!!! Mum's the word and I'm not allowed to tell until after Hector next year.

My lips are sealed and you can't get it out of me even if you torture me. So don't bother trying to torture me to get me to tell. No, really, I'm not going to tell.

I had a lovely drive over to Greenfield IN with my friend, Sue, who is a sewer, but not a tatter. I was pleasantly surprised to see Gina there from Lafayette, and several of the regulars at the shop as well. Kaye taught a cute little _____________. No, don't ask me. I'm not going to tell.

Sue bought a couple of pieces of beautiful fabric, and I bought a couple balls of DMC pearle cotton in colors that are almost used up in my stash. I hate running out of a color in the middle of something.

Well, I'm off to the closet to practice my podcasting. Hugs,