August 9 - Meandering Vines Edging by Kaye Judt

Meandering Vines Edging Copyright Jaye B. Judt 2007

Two balls of size 20 tatting thread, one in a flower color and one in a leaf color.One shuttle or one size 5 tatting needle.

R ring
ds double stitch
--, p decorative picot
cl r close ring
RW reverse work
Ch chain
SLT shoe lace trick
+ join

Fill shuttle with flower colored tatting thread and cut from ball, or cut a comfortable working length of flower colored tatting thread from ball and thread tatting needle.

R 3 ds -- 3 ds -- 3 ds -- 3 ds, cl r RW* Ch 9ds, SLT and RW. Ch 9 ds. RW
R 3 ds + ( to last p of previous R. The vine is not encased in the join but floats across the join on the backside of the work. ) 3 ds -- 3 ds -- 3 ds, cl r. RW
Repeat from * to desired length.

Meet Kaye at ZIG-ZAG CORNER in Greenfield, Indiana

August 25, 2007
9:30am - 3:30pm

Step back to a time of gentility when tatters would meet to renew acquaintances, show their handiwork, enjoy elegant food, and of course tat! Kaye Judt, author of “Oh My Stars!”, will take you on a journey through the evolution of tatting from 18th century knotting to the tatting of today as you make embellishments for your own Victorian tatting tote.