Simple Stars by Ruth

Two Simple stars tatted with just one ring. Easy enough for any beginner to tat. Then one intermediate level one ring star that uses a split ring to go on to another star, then another, and another. Enjoy!!!

The first star has just one bead on each picot.
String 4 beads on your shuttle thread.
Ring ( 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 )

Close the ring and insert each end through the 5th bead, the first end through from one side, the other in through the other side. Tie the threads in an overhand knot, then tie another knot about 3 inched away for a loop to hang, or leave the ends to sew this little star onto clothing.

This Star has three beads at each point.
String 12 beads on the shuttle thread.

Ring ( 3 B B B 3 B B B 3 B B B 3 B B B 3)

Close the ring and string three beads on one thread end, then insert the other thread end through all three beads from the opposite direction. Tie, hide, cut the ends close to the work, or use them to sew this little star onto clothing.

You may also finish this star with a loop for hanging as the first star was done. See diagram below.

These stars look like little dancing "star people" or if tatted in fire colors, dancing flame stars.