Ruth's Easy Celtic Stars

Copyright Ruth Perry 2004

Here are a couple of simple Celtic Knot stars that I taught a few years ago. The Instructions are pretty simple: Begin with an overhand knot in the thread between ball and shuttle and tat the first stitch about a "picot's distance" from the knot forming a picot at the beginning of your chain. Or begin on a paper clip to hold a small loop of thread at the beginning of the chain.

Follow the weaving diagrams, then tie the ends through the picot or loop at the beginning and hide them or use the ends for a loop to hang the star.

Chain ( 20 - 20 - 20 - 20 - 20 )

For this one, just tie the tatted chain in an overhand knot loosly as shown in black. Then weave the final section over and under as shown in purple.

This one is a little more challenging. The tatting directions are the same as the first one, but...

In step one the tatted chain just forms loops as shown. Step two, follow the gray lines in the second diagram weaving over and under as shown. To finish, tie the ends through the loop or picot at the beginning of the chain.

To see how Betsy Ross cut 5 pointed stars for our flag see: