July 7 2007 - Silly Yak by Esther Paris


Two rings only - head and body


Ring of 5 ds, Very long picot [for horn 1], 2 ds, mp [for ear 1], 8 ds,3 p in a row for beard, 8 ds, mp [for ear 2], 2 ds, vlp [for horn 2], 5 ds. Close ring.

Twist horn picots to make horns. Cut open beard picots to make beard.

If the head is tatted as a reverse ring you can put more twist in the thread before making the horn picots which will make the horns nice and tight.


Ring of 2 ds, 6 very long picots in a row for fur, 5 ds, a picot so longit should be illegal (tail), 10 ds for rump, picot for rear hoof, 5 ds for underbelly, picot for front hoof, 10 ds for chest. Close ring.

Cut from shuttle. Tie knot of beginning and end thread and add into fur. Cut fur picots and rotate downward. Cut tail picot and finger tat as many JKs as possible. Tie knot at end of tail and then fringe thethread ends. Trim fur as necessary so feet show.