July 28 Butterfly Wings Heart by Ruth

Copyright Ruth Perry 2003 - 2007
This is a Celtic Heart that hasn't been published yet. There is a slight problem with the design of this knot. Can you see where two chains cross over instead of one over and one under.

I've often thought that butterfly wings often look like hearts... well kind of.
If you tat one of the rings of the wooly worm as the ring here, with this heart added on each side. Front side - Back side tatting will make it look symetrical. Then tat another row around as shown below it solves the Celtic Design problem. This is kind of an advanced pattern, and I didn't give the exact stitch counts. Have some fun with this and see what you come up with. I'm going to be out of town until about Aug, 7th. I should be able to do the calendar posts, but I'm not sure if I'll get them done every day. Guess you'll have to be patient with me again.