July 27 - Wooly Worm by Ruth

Copyright 2003 - 2007

This is a simple little fuzzy caterpillar tatted in two colors with finger tatting or four shuttles.

I prefer finger tatting, the thread ends are only about 18" long. Begin with about 3' of each of two colors of thread, any size, any color. Fold the thread in half and begin the tatting at about the middle of the thread.

Ring1 ( 9p separated by 1 ds )
Repeat with the other color

Either pull both threads and shuttles up through this and each following ring before closing, or if finger tatting pull the previous ring thread ends up through the center of each following ring.

Split Ring ( 5p sep by 1 ds / 5p sep by 1 ds ) pull thread ends through
Repeat with the other color & remember to pull the thread ends through

Continue to desired length, increasing the number of picots and ds gradually then decrease again if you wish to tat a worm that is fatter in the middle.

The final ring of each color should again be a normal ring the same size as the 1st rings. Or, if you wish, tat the final ring of one color as shown above as a split ring with the second color thread ends carried through the core. Then tat Chain 15 with the ends using the second color as the core thread, and the 1st color as the ball thread. Finish off with triple overhand knots and cut the ends off close to the knot. Use a dab of glue if you wish to hold the ends in place.

Tie the ends together and hide them, or leave them the length of the picots to make more fuzz. Glue one end to a small magnet for a memorable refrigerator friend. Add tatted wings and antennae for a butterfly.

Tomorrow butterfly wings for him and a true metamorphosis from lowly worm to beautiful butterfly!