July 22 - My Great Ant by Ruth

Copyright Rozella Linden 2002

Some people had a Great Aunt that tatted... I have a tatted great ant. This is another great give away when demonstrating tatting. Boys love them!

The photo shows one tatted with a thick hemp. These are great tatted with wire or leather.

Ring (5 - 5 ) Do NOT turn

Tie the ends in an overhand knot as close to the ring as possible.

Tie three pieces of matching fiber around both ends in a square knot and puch them tightly against the base of the ring.

Split Ring ( 4 / 4 ) tie the ends in an overhand knot as close to this ring as possible.

Trim these ends to form antennae, trim the legs so the ant stands up.

Bring out the picnic basket and sandwiches!!!! Tat lots of ants. Enjoy