July 21 Simple Celtic Dragonfly by Ruth

Copyright Ruth Perry 2003

This is a cute little dragonfly that makes nice earrings or embelishment. I tat a more complex dragonfly named Merlin, but this one is nice too. He has just one Celtic Knot. Merlin has four of them.

You may put a bead in the center of the body ring by tatting it as a reverse double core beaded ring ( advanced technique that I taught at Spokane in April ) or by tatting it as a normal ring with a picot half way, then run the ends through a bead and join them at the picot. Be sure your ring and bead "fit" together properly.

You may wish to tat a stitch gauge by tatting rings with the thread you are going to use, increase the stitch count from a little smaller than you'll need for your bead, adding one or two stitches to each ring until you find the right size for your bead.

- picot
gp Giant Picot
B Bead

Ring ( 5 – 5 )
Split Ring ( 5 / 5 )
Split Ring ( 5 / 5 )
Split Ring ( 5 / 5 )

Split ring ( 5 gp 1 gp 4 / 5 gp 1 gp 4 )

Chain ( 10 B 10 B 10 )

Tie the chain in an overhand knot with the beads at the corners of the knot for "eyes" and then tie the ends together around the beginning of the chain.