July 20 Easy Doll Clothes Edging by Ruth

OK I just had to share this. I went to a yarn store this afternoon for the knitting equivalent of a tat & chat. Trying to stir up a bit if interest in tatting around Nashville. Well I had some size 100 thread on a shuttle and decided to mess with it to use it up. I hate wasting thread, even if there's just a little bit left I try to do something with it.

Well, of course, while trying to do a simple ring & chain edging I made a mistake { all new designs are just mistakes that work out to be something else } So here is a neat little tiny edging perfect for doll clothes. It would probably be worth the time to use a toothpick for a picot gauge so the decorative picots are more the same size. The joining picots should probably be smaller than what I tatted, but I was just playing with the thread. You can see how small it is, and I should have paid more attention to detail, but you get the idea, right?

- picot
sp small picot
mp medium picot

Ring ( 6 - 3 ) turn
Chain ( 5 sp 1 mp 1 sp 5 + ) [ the join is to the picot of the ring just made ]

Repeat to desired length.