July 18 - the spider and the fly by Ruth

Tatted Spider Copyright © 1995 - 2007 Rozella Linden

VLP Very Large Picot
SP Small Picot or Bead for the eyes
- Picot

Beads are optional, so if using beads for the eyes thread two beads on the thread before winding about a yard on the shuttle. Leave a thread end about 1/2 yard then cut the thread from the ball.
Ring (1 VLP 1 VLP 1 SP 1 SP 1 VLP 1 VLP 1) This is the thorax, head, eyes, and legs.
Ring (3 - 2 - 2 - 3)
Split Ring (4 + 4 / 4 + 4 ) Join to the picots of the previous ring. Tat it 6 +4 if it doesn't lie flat.

Pull the carrying thread up through the center picot of the inside ring, and tie the thread ends in a square knot. The thread ends are the web the spider spins. Add a clear bead to the threads here if desired, and another thread to make twisted cord for a bookmark.

Use beads or picots for the eyes. This spider would also look great with a bead instead of the inside ring of the abdomen. Use Jacqui Teal’s method of adding a bead inside a ring (Taught at Hector 2005) and the ends will still come out in the right place.
Tat the ring large enough for the bead to fit inside nicely. Then thread the bead on the two thread ends, and join to the picot at the middle of the ring. The bead will lie in the middle of the ring, and the ends will be in the right place for that web the spider is spinning.
Cut the leg picot ends as shown, or leave them (for a tatted fly). “Step into my parlor said the spider to the fly.” A bit of glue on the legs to stiffen them may help this spider stand up better.

One picot in the
2nd ring, (5 - 5)
outer SR (10 /10)
Only cut the two picots near the head, and you have A TATTED FLY !!!

This is an easy spider (or fly) to tat for demonstrating in the fall. Kids love them!!! Tatted in gold they are a great Christmas Spider. Use any thread, any color, and any size. I like to tat them in size 10 - bright variegated thread when I’m tatting “give aways”.