July 13th Lucky 2007 Snowflake by Ruth

Copyright Ruth Perry 2007

Copyright 1978 Ruth Perry

This is a snowflake that I tatted as a doll house doily when my daughter, Jennifer, was in 1st grade. I made her a little night stand for her doll house with a drawer that works, and this doily to go on top of it. The great doll house project lasted for several years. It was 4' X 4' and 22 inches deep with three floors, stairs between the floors, and neat things like a working doorbell, lights in the rooms, and even a little mouse.

I've tatted dozens of these snowflake doilies and sold them at doll house stores. So now I'm going to share the secret with you, after all, I did promise a snowflake today.

Somewhere I saw something that inspired this originally, if you know of a similar piece please let me know and I'll credit the source. I think it was a doily that my mom had, or maybe my grandmother. Source - unknown at this time.

The stitch count can vary and even many of the design details can change, and still this ONE ROUND snowflake is worked the same way.

Instructions for a sample:

Begin with 2 shuttles wound continuous for the two at the top of this page, shuttle and ball for the sample CTM
Shuttle 1
Center Ring A ( 6 - 2 - 2 - 6 )
Do not reverse or turn the work.
Ring B ( 12 - 12 ) turn
Chain C ( 10 - 10 + )
Chain D ( 10 - 5 - 5 - 10 + )
[ these two previous joins are both to the picot on ringB ]
Chain E ( 10 - 10 + )
[ this join is in the space between ringA and ringB ]
Chain ( 5 - 5 )

[ 1/6th of the pattern completed ] Follow the diagram below, joining where shown.