July 10th - Fireworks, a variation on Martha's ribbon

Pull the ends and unwind the spiral. This is the only way I could scan it quickly.

While moving some of my tatting from the other room, I dropped some of the items I'd tatted recently, and discovered that Martha's Remembrance Ribbon, when stretched by holding onto both ends turns into a spiral... WOW!

First of all I dearly LOVE that pattern, and have made half a dozen of them, added a jump ring in the middle and put them on earring hooks. This Fireworks variation looks good as an earring also, but it's difficult to scan.

If you begin with a few beads, stars, perhaps, and tat some JK chain for a few stitches, then tat all of the first row with 4ds between picots, and all the 2nd row with 5 and all of the 3rd row with 6. Tat two red and white split rings to hide the blue ends in the first one, and one of each of the red and white in the second one. That leaves one red and one white to work in with a needle. All that is left to do then is add a jump ring at the end that doesn't have the beads, and an earring hook.

It resembles fireworks. The ones that shoot up into the air, explode then spiral down and explode in lots of little stars.

Tat them as long or as short as you wish, and with any beads that tickle your fancy.