Celtic Knot Tatted Cicada by Ruth

Cedrick the Cincinnati Celtic Cicada - Copyright 2004 Rozella Linden Tatting

sp = small picot
mp = medium picot
Wind a yard or so of thread on a tatting Shuttle CTM ( do not cut the thread from the ball )
Begin tatting with a picot by tying an overhand knot in the thread between the shuttle and ball, then tat the first stitch about a picot's distance from this knot. The knot will not pull through the stitches, and will leave a small ( joining ) picot at the beginning of the chain.

Chain ( 20 - 20 sp mp sp 30 sp mp sp 20 - 20) Body and wings

Weave the knot following the diagram, starting at the center [A] and when your knot is completed, then join the end to the beginning and tie the ends in a square knot.

And finally, continue tatting the head of the bug.
SR (1 + 1 Bead 2 / 1 + 1 Bead 2) Head Join to adjacent small picots of the body.