April 3 - Fancy Jar Cover by Jon

Copyright 2007 Jon

Working with two Shuttles

Note: The finish motif forms into a round saucer-shape and does not lie flat. The picots are of standard size throught out except where indicated.

The finished design can fit over a jam jar with a lid of 6.5cm or 2.5inches

Starting with the top centre motif
(*) R1(5-3-3-5), do not reverse.
R2(8^4-4) where ^ is a very small picot, RW
C(10-10+), lock-join to the small picot of R2.

This next step is to make the self-closing mock ring (green in the diagram) and the small ring in the centre.

Switch Shuttle (SS) and make a SCMR as follows SCMR3(5+3[SS, R4(4-4-4)]3-5).
The join in the SCMR is to the last pioct of the first ring R1.
Do not reverse
R5(8^4-4) and reverse.
C(10-10+) lock join to the small picot of R4 (*)

Repeat steps (*-*), joining the R1 to the SCMR, and the R4 to the last picot of the previous R4.

Round 1 – the side
(#)R1(5-5+5-5), join to any chain of the centre motif, RW and then C(4-4) and RW again.
R2(5+5-5-5), 1st join to the last picot of the previous ring; RW
C(4-4) (#)

Repeat (#-#) until the round is completed.

Round 2 – the side frill

R1(5-5+5-5), joining to picot of any chain in Round 1, DNR
SS, C1(8-4), RW
R2(4-2-2-2-2-4) RW
R3(4+2-2-2-2-4), joioning to last picot of previous ring, RW. (◊)

Repeat (◊ - ◊) THREE times.

C(4+8), joining to the previous chain, C1. DNR.
SS, R4(5+5+5-5) 1st join to the last picot of previous ring; 2nd join to the next chain of Round 1. RW.
C(4-4), RW
R5(5+5+5-5); 1st join to last picot of R4 and 2nd join to next chain of Round 1.

Repeat from chain C1, making the additional joins where required.