March 7 - Purple & White Bookmarks for Pal Tatters

Cross Bookmark
Copyright © 2005 Rozella Linden Tatting (Ruth Perry)

This is a bookmark pattern to make purple and white bookmarks to send to Palmetto Tatters Guild to share tatted bookmarks through a group called the Daughters of the Nile. Any purple and white bookmarks will be appreciated. This is just one possible bookmark pattern.

The guild is working on a project to have 175 purple & white bookmarks completed by our May meeting. You can mail bookmarks to the Guilds permanent address:

Palmetto Tatters Guild
P.O. Box 1597
Lexington, SC 29071
I originally shared this pattern on my Geocities website, Tatter's Home Page, in 1996
This simple cross is made with four clovers of three rings at the ends of the cross.

The cross has chains joined at the picots. It can be challenging to make this turn out so that it looks even. Make sure that your chains are equal length, and even tension before beginning the next clover. You may alter the pattern so that the base of the cross is longer if you wish, as in this diagram.

One shuttle and ball of thread CTM

Ring1 (2-2-2-2)
Ring2 (2+3---3-2) Join to ring1 last picot
Ring3 (2+2-2-2) Join to ring2 last picot

Turn, Chain (3-3-3-3 (this is the center) 3-3-3-3-3-3), turn
Clover Turn, Chain (3+3+3+3+3+3 (at the center) 3-3-3-3), turn
Clover Turn, Chain (3+3+3+3 (at the center) 3-3-3-3), turn
Clover Turn, Chain (3+3+3+3 (at the center) 3+3+3+3)

Tie the ends, hide and cut.
Weave a piece of ribbon through the picots to finish the bookmark.

The members of Daughters of the Nile are committed to supporting the important work of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Shriners Hospitals, the official philanthropy of the Shrine of North America, is a network of 22 children’s specialty hospitals throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. There are 18 orthopaedic Shriners Hospitals, three burn hospitals, and one Shriners Hospital that provide orthopaedic, burn and spinal cord injury care. All medical care and services provided by Shriners Hospitals are totally without charge to the children and their families. To date, Shriners Hospitals has provided specialized medical care to more than 800,000 children across North America.
Shriners Hospitals have become renowned for their expertise in orthopaedic and burn care, and they maintain their position in the forefront of these specialized areas through an extensive research program. They also focus on meeting the needs of the children of tomorrow through their affiliations with some of North America’s leading medical centers and their support of medical education and training, with many residents in orthopaedic and burn care receiving some of their training at a Shriners Hospital.

No child (regardless of race / creed / color / national origin / religious ties) ever has to pay for care through the Shriner's hospitals.

Want to do more? Collect Campbells soup labels for education, and pull tabs from aluminum cans. Follow the link to the Daughters of the Nile website for more information about their charitable giving. Don't throw away those labels and tabs, instead collect them for a chance to help a child.

When I lived in Cincinnati, OH I was part of a group of dog owners called the Pet Club. Through the Mental Health Association, we took pet therapy dogs to visit the kids at the Shriner's burns hospital in Cincinnati. The dogs go through extensive testing to be sure they are suitable for visiting kids in the hospital, and you have to follow carefully the guidelines for cleanliness and safety before they are permitted to be a part of this program. I participated with several of my Pomeranian dogs who just simply adored the visits with the kids. Remember, these kids are away from home, and away from their pets for months, at a time.

This is a very good cause!