March 4 - Shamrock by Jon

Shuttle and ball thread CTM

Round 1 - dimpled rings (shown in blue)
Make all the picots small
Leave a length of about 4 – 5 inches before starting.
Make ring (4-11-5+11-4), where the join is made to the 2nd picot of the same ring, before continuing with the rest of the ds.

To close the ring, I used a needle and pull up the thread at the bend in the ring and close the first half. Then I pull the thread from the shuttle to close the ring fully.

Repeat the ring with the same ds count, but make an additional join after the first 4ds to the last picot of the previous ring.
Make the third ring the same as the second ring. Cut off the thread about 4 – 5 inches from the rings.

Round 2 – chains only (shown in red)
Again, leave a length of about 4 – 5 inches before starting.
Make chain (4+15+15), 1st join to the first picot of the dimpled ring, 2nd join to the picot in the point of the dimple, and 3rd join to the joining picot between the two rings.
Continue the chain with (15+15+15+15+4) making the joins as shown in the diagram.

I did not use a shuttle join in here. Instead I pull the ball thread through the picot and slide the shuttle through the loop. When closing the thread for the join, I make sure that the shuttle thread is level with the ds and is not pulled through the picot.

At the end there will be four strands of thread measuring 4-5 inches, one shuttle thread and one ball thread coming out from the motif.
Make a series of half-stitch over the five threads using the shuttle. Cut off when you have reached the required length, or tie a knot to make a tassel at the end.