March 30 - Butterfly Cross by Ruth

Spring - Blossoms Burst Forth with shouts of Praise and Butterflies!!
Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry

Jesus said, "I am the way..."

Everyone has a bit of God's image in them even those who do not believe in God. The good that you feel when you do a kindness for someone, or encourage another, or just do your best... that is the likeness of God trying to get through. Look at the daffodils and butterflies. Feel the presence of the creator, God, as nature speaks quietly shouts of praise. Hallelujah!!! He lives!

This is really a simple cross. Just rings and chains, nothing difficult or fancy.

One shuttle and ball of thread CTM. I used yellow Flora because today I noticed the beautiful flowers blooming along the roadside and they made me smile. Yellow is a happy color.

Begin with Ring A in the diagram and follow the ABC order and the arrows. The -- is a slightly larger picot. The VLP is a very large picot for the butterfly antannae. See in the diagram, this picot is about the same size as a ring.


Ring A (3-3-3--3-3-3) turn
Chain (6) turn
Ring B (3-3-3--3-3-3) turn
Chain (6-6) turn
Ring C (3-3+3+3-3-3)
Ring D (3-3-3--3-3-3) turn
Chain (6-6) turn

This pattern could get long and boring... But, notice there is no turn or chain between rings C&D or between H&I. Other than that, it's more of the same, just follow the diagram til you get to the butterfly that is the arm of the cross.

Butterfly: After the Chain (6) from the center...

Ring L (6 - 3 -- 3 - 6) turn
Chain (6-6) turn
Ring M ( 6 + 3 + 3 VLP 6 ) turn
Chain (6-6) join to the VLP of the previous Ring
Chain (2) join again to the VLP
Chain (6-6) turn
Ring N (6+3+3-6) turn
[Ring N joins to the VLP and to the center picot of Ring L where Ring M also joins]
Chain (6-6) turn
Ring O (6+3+3+6) turn
Chain (6)

Repeat around to the beginning, tie the ends to the beginning, hide and cut the ends.

Ruth Perry