March 23 - Bunnies in a Row Edging by Gina

Copyright Gina Brummett

Wind 2 shuttles CTM (continuous thread method).

You might only want a couple yards on each shuttle until you try it out. I use a paper clip or safety pin to anchor that first chain stitch. I’ll remove it when I join there.

VSP – very small picot. Used for joining only, no decorative value.
BP – big picot. Used for bunny feet in this case – I make them ½ - ¾ inch in length.
VBP – very big picot. Used for bunny ears – I make them 1 – 1 ¼ inch in length.
RW – reverse work

Ch 2ds, vsp, 10 ds. rw R 11 ds, j to place where safety pin or paper clip was in the first ch (in subsequent bunnies, this will be a vsp join), 2 ds, BP, 2 ds, BP, 2 ds, VSP, 11 ds, clr, rw Using ch shuttle for the ring, R 7 ds, VBP, 3 ds, VBP, 7 ds, clr, do NOT rw.

Still using ch shuttle but as the ball thread now, Ch 10ds, vsp, 2 ds, j to p on last r At this point, you are ready to start a 2nd bunny. If not, just cut, tie & hide ends.

Turn up the p for the bunny feet so they are pointing loop up, like the ears. If you are going on, leave a space of about ¼ inch and make a lock stitch. Repeat from beginning, but at the very first vsp in the ch, j to last bunny ch instead.