March 16 - Jon's Moon Kite

Copyright 2007

Wau Bulan (Moon Kite)

The Wau Bulan (or moon kite, because of the crescent shape) is one of the traditional kites of Malaysia. A full-size kite has a wing-span of about 2.5m and can be as high as 3.5m. A ‘hummer’ is usually attached to it, which produces a humming sound which can be heard quite clearly even when flown at great heights. The kites are usually flown after rice-harvesting is over and is the time for some relaxation before the next planting season begins.

DS count for rings:
Ring A(5-5)
Ring B(6-6)
Ring C(8-8)

Using two colours, leave a length of about 3 inches of thread before tying the two threads together. The pattern starts with a chain.


Row 1
Place a paperclip at the beginning to make a mock picot; and begin with C(15) working on the ouside.
Follow the sequence of Rings A, B and C for the first half and repeat in reverse for the second half.
At the end, after the last C(15), flip the work right to left. Make a SLT to switch the position of the shuttle thread. Then, attach another paperclip to form another mock picot.

Row 2
Continue with the next round to complete the crescent shape, making shuttle joins to the top of the rings A, B and C of one half.
Then make C(4) and shuttle join to one hole of a 2-hole button.
Continue with the other half to complete the crescent. Join the end of the chain C(15) to the first mock picot, and then reverse work.

Row 3
Make rings A, B and C as in the diagram. After RC, make C(6+6), joining to the button. Reverse work and make RC again, this time joining this to the previous RC. Continue till the end of the row, as in the diagram.
At the end of the row, join the chain to the second mock picot, and continue with the last row.

Row 4
Begin with C(6+5), making a shuttle join to the RA of the previous row.
The make RB(6+6) joining to the RB of the previous of row, followed by C(6).
For RC, join to the share picot of the previous RC, followed by another C(6).
Make a SLT here to switch th eposition of the shuttle thread and continue with the next chain.
At the tip of the kite, make a small ring R3-3).
Repeat the steps in reverse for the other half. Joining the end of the chain to the beginning.
Leave a length of about 3 inches before cutting the threads. Make a knot of all four threads, close to the starting point.
Cut another length of about six inches of both threads and join to the other side of the kite, making four strands altogether. Make a knot of all four strands close to the end.
Make the same to attach to the small picot at the top of the kite.Separate the ply of the threads to make a bushy tassel.