February 4 - 3D Tea Rose

Size 40 Anchor thread = about 1/4" diameter rose

All rings are 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 with joins as shown in photo.

All chains are 5 - 5 no joins.
When finished tatting, cut the ends to about 12" long and use a hook or needle to weave the ends in and out through all the rings. Weave through 3 rings again, so there is a complete circle.
Pull the threads tight, and fasten with a knot through the center of the bundle of rings. The number of rings and pattern of the joins may be varied to give each flower a slightly different look.

Tat three small rings with green thread and tie the end to the beginning. Then pull the red ends through the center of the threads between the green rings.
Tat over all the ends with one of the green threads... direct tatting or encapsulating, like the second half of a split ring. No flip.