February 21 - Daisy Picot Heart for Earring by Riet

Daisy Picot Heart for Earring © Riet Surtel-Smeulders

I think this can be an earring if not, you can put it on a shirt or a card.
You need two shuttles and thread, I used Oren Bayan # 50 red and white..
R Ring
Ch Chain
Sh1 Shuttle 1
Sh2 Shuttle 2
Rev Reversed
1e H ds first half double stitch
2e H ds second half double stitch
ds double stitch
dds daisy double stitch
P - picot
+ join
Sh+ Shuttle join.
SS Switch shuttles
Shuttle with white thread is Sh1
Shuttle with red thread is Sh2

Start with both threads and hide the both ends in the whole ring.
So the ends make the center a little bit thicker.

Round 1
Sh1: 1 ds
Sh2: 10 dds, - 10 dds.
Sh1: 1ds
Sh2: 8 dds, - 8 dds.
Sh1: 1 ds
Sh2: 10 dds, – 10 dds
Sh1: 1 ds
Sh2: 8 dds, - 8 dds
Sh1: 1ds.
Sh2: 10 dds, – 10 dds
Sh1: 1ds
Close ring. RW

Second Round
Ch Sh2 15 ds, Sh+(P 1e Daisy P). 10 ds Sh+(P 2e daisy P) 8ds Sh+( P
3e daisy P) SS,
Sh1 R: 3ds – 3ds close ring SS go on with chain
Ch Sh2 8 ds Sh+(P 4e daisy P) 10 ds Sh+(P 5e Daisy P) 15 ds Sh+
(begin Chain) RW

Third Round
This is a chain in which you tat the 1e H ds normal and the 2e H ds reversed so no flip. The whole chain is done in this way and you join on the same places as in round 2. Take care that you can’t move the stitches so watch your tension.
Chain with
Ch Sh1 : 12 ds + 7 DS + 5 ds
Take care no join the white thread goes in front of the white R and the red thread goes behind the white R. Go on with the chain:
Ch Sh1: 5 ds + 7 ds +12 ds + begin chain
Now cut and tie or whatever you want. It depends on the use of the heart.
The technique of the daisy picot you will find here.