February 10 - Jon's Clover Heart

This motif starts with a chain. Wind two shuttles CTM and slide a paperclip onto the thread between the two shuttles.

Starting with Shuttle 1,
Make a chain C1(10-10) and RW.
Then make a clover – R1(4-4-5-3), R2(3+5^5-3), R3(3+5-4-4); then RW.
Note make the free picot on the 2nd ring of the clover smaller that the other picots.
Now make C2(10-10-[3x9]+[3x7]); where [3x9] is (3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3), joining to the small picot of the middle ring of the clover, and RW.

Using Shuttle 1, make a ring loop and start with a join to the mock picot made by the paperclip.
Then make a split ring R4(6-2/4-4), RW.
Then, with Shuttle 2 make R5(4-4-4-4), RW.

And with Shuttle 1 again, make a split ring R6(2+6/4-4), joining to the first split ring, and RW.
Next make C3([3x7]v[3x9]-10-10); when v is an inverted picot, i.e coming out from the base of the chain. (I made it by placing a paperclip on the shuttle thread before making the next ds)
Then drop both shuttle through the space made by the first part of C2 and the clover, and RW.

With shuttle 1, repeat the clover, this time joining the middle picot in R2 of the clover to the inverted picot in C3, and RW.

Make the last chain C4(10-10) and cut thread, with enough length to weave in the ends later. Bring this C4 under and over the chain C1 and join it to meet the beginning of C3.
Tie and hide ends.