January 9 - Motif by Sharon Briggs

Here is a cute little motif used with permission from Sharon Briggs
Visit Sharon’s website at: http://www.gagechek.com/slb

This pattern indicates 2 shuttles. Begin motif where indicated, on the diagram, tatting the first ring. Reverse, tat the short chain, then with Shuttle 2 tat the middle ring.
The second shuttle may be omitted if the central ring is finger tatted.
Finger tatting is simply tatting with thread that hasn’t been wound on a shuttle.

You’ll find LOTS of great tatting photos, tips, a demo,
her Tatted Crosses book, a Tatting CD, and more.
The tatted headpiece for her wedding is awesome!!!

Sharon shares tatting tips, including how to read tatting patterns. The difference between diagrams, and tatting notation, both long and short notation.