January 4 - another pattern variation: choker with cabuchons

If you mirror the pattern the on the other side, and make the free picots in the large rings of the clovers long enough to join to the second row after threading through 2 hole beads or cabuchons the right size for the thread you are using the effect is amazing!

There are also two joins in the picots of the large rings of the 2nd & 3rd clovers as well as the corresponding clovers throughout the length. See photo. The variations on this are limited only by the variety of cabuchon findings, and beads available. Oh and what if you add small beads to the picots along the outside edges...

This would make amazing garb decoration, or jewlery. The structure and joins in this piece give it considerable strength and stiffness. No need to block or stiffen if your tatting is even and tight.