January 29 - Hanging cluny clover snowflake

Visit the Online Tatting Class website for instructins on tatting the Hanging Cluny

This snowflake uses a hanging cluny as the center of a tatted clover. Just join to the picot of a ring half way up weaving the cluny. Join the next ring to the weaver thread about half way so it looks right. See photo.

Two shuttles CTM, one of them must be a bobbin type shuttle so the thread can be unwound for weaving the clunys.


The center of this flake can be tatted with a SCMR. If you prefer a SCMR feel free to tat it that way. I do not ever use the SCMR. I Just tat a ring with all the stitches "NOT flipped" like tatting the second half of a split ring. This is also called direct tatting, or encapsulating.

Direct Tatted Ring ( 3 [Ring thrown off (3 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 3)] 3 Ring Thrown off, join to previous ring - see photo, 3 and repeat til you have 5 rings thrown off with 3ds between them, 3 ds at the beginning and 3 ds at the end, then close the ring.

Split Ring ( 3 + 2 - 2/3 + 2 - 2 ) close ring, turn

Chain ( 10 ) turn
HCL clover
Ring1 ( 6 - 3 - 3 )
HCL, join to the second picot of the first ring
Ring2 ( 3 + 3 - 6 ) join to the HCL, turn

Chain ( 10 )

* Repeat between ** so there are 6 points, tie the the ends at the beginning of this round.