January 26 - Corner for Beeton's Lace Edge

This variation on the Beeton's edging is tatted with yellow thread on the shuttle and green thread on the ball. The first row ( the one that is sewn to the hanky ) is tatted following the same stitch count and instructions as the edge on yesterday's pattern:
Rings are all 10-10
Chains are all 8-8
To turn the corner on the first row, tat a third ring where there would be two together without a chain between them - See photo above.
You will need to check to be sure that the number of repeats of this pattern will give you corners where the corners need to be for edging your square hanky.
You can change the size thread you are using to change where the corner will be on the edging, or modify the stitch count if necessary. This edging has a little "give" in it, but not as much as some other edging patterns. I recommend that you tat the first row, sew it to the hanky, then tat the second row around the piece.
To turn the corner on the second row, follow the progression of the rings in the photo. There will be three extra rings with chains between them to go around the corner on this row.
Finish this piece with tatting sewn to it by making sure the ends are tied securely, properly hidden, then cut off. [THC, Tie Hide Cut]

Launder it [ by hand if the material calls for that, in hot water if the material can be washed in hot water ] to "set" it so it shrinks as much as it is going to.
Tomorrow another variation on this pattern: An easy cross with NO split rings. This is the cross my grandmother taught me to tat when I was little. It's the same basic pattern as the lace edging in Beeton's book!!!