January 25 - Lace Edge from Beeton's Book of Needlework

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Title: Beeton's Book of Needlework
Author: Isabella Beeton

Original Instructions:

3.--Lace Edging in Tatting.
Materials: Messrs. Walter Evans and Co.'s crochet cotton No. 10, or tatting cotton No. 20; tatting-pin No. 3; any sized shuttle. For a finer edging, No. 18.

1st oval: Fill the shuttle, but do not cut it off from the reel, as a double thread is used, and commence by working 10 double stitches, 1 purl, 10 double; draw up.

Double thread: Putting the thread attached to the reel round the left hand, work 8 double, 1 purl, 8 double.

2nd oval: 10 double, join to purl in 1st oval, 10 double; draw up.

The pattern is now complete. Repeat from beginning, taking care that the next oval be close to the last. Crochet a heading with the same cotton, working 7 chain, 1 double into the purl in double thread. Repeat.

Modern Instructions:

One Shuttle & ball of thread CTM

Ring (10 - 10) turn
Chain (8 - 8) turn
Ring (10 + 10) [ join to the picot of the first ring ]
Ring (10 - 10) turn
Repeat between **
Now, lets play with this design a bit:
How about two or four rows of this pattern joined together at the picots:

Tomorrow we'll see about designing a corner for this edging.