January 23 - Flea Market Edging from Gina Butler

Flea Market Tatted Piece - Gina Butler Oklahoma City, OK

One shuttle and ball thread

R 4-4-4-4
C 3-3
R 4+4-4-4
C 3-3-3-3-3-3
R 6+6+4-4 (this is a suggestion : )
Repeat except! Chain 3+3

I found the original tatted piece at a local flea market almost 10 years ago. It is a pattern that I have not found in any books. I’d like to know if anyone else does recognize it. It was tatted in heavy (almost yarn) thread.
Original Flea Market Edging

In my thinking, the third ring was too cramped into place. So when I tatted the piece, as I got to the third ring I left off four stitches and the join between the first two rings. Looking back at the finished piece: perhaps my third rings look too strained? What if the count on the third ring were to be changed 6+6+4-4?

I showed the pattern to another tatter several years ago and she made the most lovely handkerchief edging. Lois used a count of four double stitches throughout.