February 1 - Variations on Heart Pattern by Gina

Variation #1 - Using the same thread and 2 shuttles, I made rings in the center instead of doing the SLT and chaining. The stitch count was the same everywhere. I made the rings 5 ds, p, 5 ds and I added a white bead where I joined at the sides of the hearts.

Variation #2 In this version, I continue to use 2 shuttles and make rings plus I add picots and more beads. For the sides of the hearts, I chain 5 ds, j with bead, 3 ds, p, 1 ds, larger p, 1 ds, p, 3 ds. Then I rw and made a ring of 3ds, 3 beads, 3 ds, and repeated the 2nd half of the heart.

Variation #3 Here I did everything the same except I used 2 colors, making the inner chains white as well as the rings within the heart motif.