January 14 - Daisy Picot Edging by Riet

You need 3 different colors and three shuttles.

R = ring ds = double stitch
dds = daisy double stitch
p or - = picot
cl = close
Sh 1 = shuttle 1
Sh 2 = shuttle 2
Sh 3 = shuttle 3

The daisy picot technique goes like this:

Take 2 shuttles with different colors make an overhand knot in the ends.
Take the knot in the pinch, Start ring with Shuttle 1 and shuttle 2 is laying over your left hand.
After 1 ds. Ýou start making the daisy picot like this Let Sh 1 hanging down, take Sh 2 and make a ds on the ring thread, but don’t do the flip, so don’t take of the tension.
We call this stitch a daisy ds or short a dds.

Make 3 or 4 dds more, then bring Sh 2 back on your left hand take Sh 1 and make a ds.
Repeat the picot with the dds and again a ds close the ring and you have made your ring with daisy picots.
There is an explanation with pictures on my blog here:


Start with three colors and an overhand knot in the ends.
Sh 2 is over your left hand, Sh1 is on your left hand as by a chain, Sh 3 is hanging down.
Sh3 : 1ds (as in second part of split ring so no flip.)
Sh2 : 2dds,
Repeat this till you have made 8 ds with Sh 3.
R: Sh1 1ds, Sh2 5dds, repeat this 2 times. Take ring of your hand, don’t close.
Sh2 R 5-5 cl.
Take ring back on your hand Sh2 5dds Sh1 1ds, repeat this 2 times Close ring.